Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor
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Glastonbury Tor

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Glastonbury Tor

Works on Paper

Mediun Etching Drawing and print combined using waterbed inks and glazes

Stamped, floated on card

This iconic hill has been a spiritual magnet for centuries, for both Pagans and Christians. Tales have grown out of history, becoming blended and embellished leaving the truth, whatever it was, literally lost in the mists of Avalon.

Hill of mystery

The hill rises 158m (518ft) above the surrounding flat land and rewards those on the top with a fine 360-degree view. The distinctive shape is due to a combination of the unusual geology and the artificial terraces.

The rock mysteriously causes the two nearly adjacent red and white springs below the tor to run with different waters. The origins of these seven terraces are uncertain. Were they built for growing vines or ploughing? Or did they form a sacred labyrinth for pilgrims? The Tor has become a familiar landmark for me working across the county, seeing it through mist, rain, sunshine and sometimes not at all.

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