The Pyramid Stage Glastonbury Festival
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The Pyramid Stage Glastonbury Festival

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For those Glastonbury Festival lovers who missed out this years 50th celebrations.

The pyramid stage holds special memories 

Painting with glazes on wood panel

21cm x 21 cm


Annemarie is currently working on a series of drawings, prints (etching and lithography) alongside paintings based on sketches done at  Glastonbury Festival. Annemarie seeks to keep a real sense of spontaneity in her paintings, in an effort to capture the energy and atmosphere of a moment in time of the festival.

Annemarie began documenting , sketching and painting at Glastonbury  Festival on the invite of a wonderful man called Robert Richards. Robert works behind the scenes contributing to making the festival happen. In 2013 Robert bought one of Annemarie's paintings - he then  invited and encouraged her to do works about the festival. This has been a fun  and developing gig.

Annemarie is a supporter of Waterraid - one of Glastonbury Festivals charities, alongside Greenpeace and Oxfam

50% of works related to Glastonbury  Festival is donated  to wateraid


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