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Phaedra Politis

Phaedra has been working with Fused Glass for over 20 years and in that time she has developed her own specialist techniques in kiln fired glass fusing, pioneering the use of glass enamels to create innovative designs and works in glass for the home.

Though she works on large Architectural GlassArt projects for interiors and exteriors, Phaedra has established a range of smaller decorative glassware products for those little luxury gifts items.

The inspiration for Phaedra’s designs come from her deep love of the Natural World and then fuelled by her enjoyment of experimenting with techniques, colours and textures.

Visually arresting and guaranteed to enhance any setting. The Phaedra Glass range displays an interplay of light, colour, depth and transparency. They glisten with an ephemeral quality and yet, have a contradictory robustness and strength.  

Phaedra now has an array of designs and products on offer, which she sells online, through retail outlets and also to her personal customer base. Though she has built up this side of the business over the last few of years, she is always happy to work collaboratively with her customers to create larger scale individual Art works in Glass.

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